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From the Campus Novel to Dark Academia - Einzelansicht

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Semester SoSe 2024 SWS 2
Erwartete Teilnehmer/-innen Max. Teilnehmer/-innen 30
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Sprache Englisch
Belegungsfristen Anglistik, erste Anmeldephase    05.03.2024 08:00:00 - 12.03.2024 07:00:00   
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Anglistik, zweite Anmeldephase    14.03.2024 08:00:00 - 18.03.2024 07:00:00   
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Mi. 08:00 bis 10:00 wöch. von 10.04.2024  R12R - R12 R04 B21      
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Mi. 08:00 bis 10:00 EinzelT am 22.05.2024 R12R - R12 R04 B93       Präsenzveranstaltung
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Caeners, Stefanie , Dr.
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1602 Literary Studies
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The university as a microcosm of society and a place where minds and ambitions often collide has been a popular topic with writers from all around the world. Since it came into vogue in the 1950s, the campus novel has offered a full social history of the university, as well as a political and psychological guide to the academic profession. Questions of class, infighting, feminism, and political correctness can be found in practically any work of the genre.
In recent years, a variation of the genre has become increasingly popular via social media: Dark Academia is not simply an aesthetic but has been turned into a lifestyle that romanticizes academic life, heavily leaning on elements such as old libraries, traditional college buildings and a specific wardrobe.

This seminar will start out by analysing the general notion that every society has the university it deserves and will also focus on the idiosyncrasies of various professorial stereotypes in literature. From there we will move on to explore the new trend of dark academia and discuss shorter texts and two novels that have strongly shaped this category. We shall also try to ascertain why the dark academia aesthetic seems so appealing from a cultural perspective.
Excerpts from various "traditional" campus novels will be made available via Moodle at the beginning of term. However, students are asked to obtain their own copies of

Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and
R.F. Kuang’s Babel

Please note that this is a seminar for avid readers who are willing to put in the work. This involves a relatively heavy reading load, so please keep this in mind when signing up.

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