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Policy Analysis    Sprache: Englisch    Belegpflicht
(Keine Nummer) Seminar     WiSe 2022/23     2 SWS     jedes 2. Semester    
   Lehreinheit: Sozialwissenschaften    
   Teilnehmer/-in  erwartet : 25   Maximal : 25  
      DevGov M.A., Development and Governance (Master of Arts)   ( 1. Semester )
  Master of Arts Internationale Beziehungen und Entwicklungspolitik, Abschluss 86, Master of Arts Internationale Beziehungen und Entwicklungspolitik (86D96)   ( 1. Semester )
  Master of Arts Development and Governance, Abschluss 86, Master of Arts Development and Governance (86B51)   ( 1. Semester )
   Zugeordnete Lehrperson:   Blätte
   Termin: Montag   12:00  -  14:00    wöch.
Beginn : 17.10.2022    Ende : 30.01.2023
      Raum :   SG 158   SG  

The course explores recent developments in political theory as they relate to the study of international migration and its governance. We will ask questions such as: Is there are right to immigration? How do different modes of governing migration relate to duties of global justice? What institutional implications follow from various conceptions of migrants rights? What is special about refugees?
Are there trade-offs between democracy, development and migration, and should we address them? What, if anything, justifies the use of force in migration governance? This course will explore key arguments in contemporary political theory, but will also give room to more empirical case studies with a focus on particular regions or countries. The course format will be a mixture of lectures, discussions,
and student presentations.


In a globalized world, political systems are not closed. International organizations, transnational actors and cross-national communication bring about a flow of policy ideas crossing the boundaries of nation-states. In this course, we will try to understand the diffusion and transfer of policies conceptually, empirically and practically. Thus, based on a discussion of basic concepts of policy analysis, we
will gain an overview of the extent of diffusion. Taking the point of view of comparative public policy and administration, we will assume a more managerial attitude in the second part of the course and explore possibilities for 'learning from abroad'.


Selected readings:

Joseph H. Carens, The Ethics of Immigration, New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.

David Miller, Strangers in Our Midst: The Political Philosophy of Immigration, Harvard University Press, 2016.

Sarah Song, Immigration and Democracy, Oxford University Press, 2019.

Chandran Kukathas, Immigration and Freedom, Princeton University Press, 2021.


In-class presentation and term paper