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Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester WiSe 2022/23 , Aktuelles Semester: SoSe 2024
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Exploring Australia    Sprache: Englisch    Belegpflicht
(Keine Nummer) Hauptseminar     WiSe 2022/23     2 SWS     jedes Semester    
   Lehreinheit: Anglistik    
   Teilnehmer/-in  Maximal : 50  
   Zugeordnete Lehrperson:   Plummer
Zur Zeit keine Belegung möglich
   Termin: Mittwoch   10:00  -  12:00    wöch.
Beginn : 12.10.2022   
      Raum :   R11 T03 C75   R11T  

About 250 years ago, on 28 April 1770, James Cook landed on the Australian shore and claimed the land for the British crown, an act that would ultimately lead to the colonisation of the continent and the dispossession of Australia's Indigenous peoples. In this seminar we will focus on the time of First Encounters during the early colonial era. We will engage with texts, images and films dealing with arrivals, first encounters and explorations of various kinds, from First Australians and the explorations of Cook (and others before him) to the founding of the colony of New South Wales and the first circumnavigation of the continent. Texts under discussion will include excerpts from travel reports by James Cook, Joseph Banks and Watkin Tench, maps and other visual documents as well as selected critical texts.


  • A number of literary and critical texts will be made available via Moodle (more details in the first session)