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Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester WiSe 2023/24 , Aktuelles Semester: SoSe 2024
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Teaching English in Theory and Practice (Vorbereitung Praxissemester) Gr. 3    Sprache: Englisch    Belegpflicht
(Keine Nummer) Hauptseminar     WiSe 2023/24     2 SWS     jedes Semester    
   Lehreinheit: Anglistik    
   Teilnehmer/-in  Maximal : 25  
   Zugeordnete Lehrperson:   Heim
Zur Zeit keine Belegung möglich
   Termin: Mittwoch   12:00  -  14:00    wöch.
Beginn : 11.10.2023   
      Raum :   R12 R07 A79   R12R  

The course ‘Teaching English in Theory and Practice’ is designed to prepare student teachers for the practical term (‘Praxissemester’). In order to do so, students will

  • Learn about the framework of the Praxissemester;
  • revisit and reflect core issues and trends in communicative English language teaching;
  • develop an outline for their individual school-based action research project (Studienprojekt).

For their Studienprojekt, students will develop their own research question and research design. To this end, the funamental concept of action research will be introduced as well as sample study projects. On the basis of these, student teachers develop their own project outline and devise a project plan.

This course must be completed before starting the practical term. Students are expected to regularly participate, thoroughly prepare and actively contribute to each meeting.

Students are required to hand in a portfolio after the practical term.


Please note: Register for just ONE of the offered seminars (PS-Vorbereitungsseminar), i.e. DO NOT tick more than one option in the registration process.